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Commercial Security Grilles: Enhancing Protection and Security


Trellidor Commercial Retractable Grilles

Commercial security grilles serve as an imposing deterrent to unauthorized individuals who may attempt to gain access to your premises. Their sturdy construction and reinforced design act as a formidable physical barrier, making it significantly more challenging for intruders to breach your business’s security. By installing these grilles, you create an additional layer of protection, discouraging criminal activities and safeguarding your valuable assets.

One of the key advantages of our range of commercial security grilles is their versatility and customisation options. These grilles can be tailored to meet the specific security requirements and aesthetic preferences of your business. Whether you operate a retail store, a restaurant, or an office space, there are various designs, styles, and finishes available to seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture.

Trellidor Difference

Reasons To Choose

Trellidor UK For Your Physical Security Doors

Customised to fit windows, doors, passages, stairwells, kiosks and other openings.
Seamless operation
Top hung and effortless to operate.
Internal strengthening
Designed with in-built strength to resist attack.
Maintains line of sight
A deterrent to intruders without blocking line of sight, light penetration or airflow.
Powder coated
Powder coated to customer specified colour choices.
Various fitting options
Suitable for retail, commercial, industrial and residential installations.
Retractable Grilles

Commercial Window & Door Grille Range

  • Trellidor T700

    The Trellidor T700 Retractable has been used to protect households and commercial premises around the world for over 45 years.

    • Fully framed, galvanised steel grille
    • Retractable or fixed configuration options
    • Custom-made for doors, windows, stairways, and retail outlet openings
    • Neat, compact installation
    • It is top hung, so glides effortlessly when opened or closed
    • Multiple locking points operated by the single turn of a key

  • Trellidor Plus – T900

    The Trellidor Plus - T900 collapsible security grille is suitable for commercial and light industrial applications such as healthcare facilities, retail outlets, and businesses that have high value goods to protect.

    • Certified to BRE Standard LPS 1175, rated at LPCB Level 1
    • Fully framed, galvanised steel grille
    • Models include single, double, flexi and side-by-side collapsible doors and fixed units
    • It is top hung, so glides effortlessly when opened or closed
    • Multiple locking points operated by the single turn of a key

  • Trellidor T950i

    The Trellidor T950i security grille has been designed to protect higher risk applications such as commercial and retail properties.

    • Fully framed and manufactured from a combination of galvanised mild steel and extruded aluminium
    • Available in single, double, and flexi retractable doors and fixed units
    • Strong and resilient, with built-in shrouds to protect the locking points
    • Additional sets of flights across the uprights
    • Extended top track cover
    • Multiple locking points operated by the single turn of a key
    • It is top hung, so glides effortlessly when opened or closed

  • Trellidor Trojan II - T1000

    The Trellidor Trojan II – T1000 has been developed for situations where certified security grilles are a prerequisite. They assist with crowd control in sports stadia and public transport facilities and protect commercial and industrial entities against criminal activity.

    • Certified to BRE Standard LPS 1175: Issue 5, rated at LPCB Level 2
    • Models include single, double, flexi and side-by-side collapsible formats, fixed designs and an Emergency Escape locking option
    • Additional strengthening features including a lock cover with cylinder shroud and a steel lock stile cover plate
    • It is certified to 3000mm in height
    • Multiple locking points operated by the single turn of a key
    • It is top hung, so glides effortlessly when opened or closed

  • Trellidor Trojan III - EMESC T3000

    This is one of the strongest sliding grille doors in the world, designed to protect crucial infrastructure from attack and theft. It include a keyless locking system so that the grille can be unlocked quickly and easily without the need for a key in an emergency. It is suitable for crowd control and to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive facilities such as transport hubs such as overland and underground railway stations, sports stadia, key points at risk of terrorist attacks, shopping centres, arms storage facilities, international embassies and consulates, government buildings.

    • Certified to BRE Standard LPS 1175: Issue 7, rated at LPCB lever 3, the highest certification received by a sliding security grille in the world
    • Configurations include single door, double door, side-by-side, and flexi sash options
    • Certified to a height of 3630mm with unlimited width using multi sash and dual channel technology
    • Emergency escape locking system designed for quick release, keyless opening in critical situations
    • Manufactured from highly specialised spring steel
    • Weighs 50kg/m² due to reinforcing but easy to operate due to its unique construction
    • The bottom track is sunk into the ground for security and to prevent tripping
    • Sill guides have bearings to make it easier to move
    • Surpasses international crowd loading and building regulation safety standards
    • Stacks neatly to the side when opened

Our Service


Service Levels

Building lasting relationships with clients is a priority for Trellidor UK. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs, provide tailored solutions in response, take preventative measures against security breaches, and use feedback from surveys to drive ongoing improvements.


As a leading provider of top-quality security solutions in the UK, Trellidor UK takes pride in taking ownership of every aspect of the design and manufacture of each installation. Our team of experts is committed to delivering the perfect solution to ensure our customers’ peace of mind.

Nationwide Installation

Our team of professionals installs security barriers across the country, ensuring that every installation is carried out to the highest standards. Whether you need security gates, burglar bars, or roller shutters, we have the expertise to provide the perfect solution for your home or business.

Work around trading hours

At Trellidor UK, we understand that your business needs to keep running, which is why we offer flexible installation times to minimise disruption. Our team works around your trading hours to ensure that your business operations are not affected by the installation process.

After-sales service

We believe that providing excellent customer service is crucial to the success of our business. That’s why we provide unsurpassed after-sales service to all our customers across the country. Our team of experts is always on hand to address any concerns you may have and ensure that you are satisfied with your security solution.

Vendor of the Year

Our commitment to providing top-quality security solutions and excellent customer service has not gone unnoticed. Trellidor UK was recently nominated by a major UK retailer as ‘Vendor of the Year’ at the Annual Fraud Awards 2021. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with the best security solutions and service.

When it comes to security systems in the UK, Trellidor UK is your go-to provider. We are proud to say that we handle every step of the process from concept to completion in-house, guaranteeing that every installation is of the highest quality. Providing our customers with the reassurance that their property is secure is a top priority, which is why our team of experts is committed to providing the best possible solution for each individual client.

Trellidor Quality

Manufacturing Quality Standards

Trellicor (Pty) Ltd is ISO (International Standards Organisation) compliant. Trellidor is ISO 9001:2015 certified in terms of QMS requirements, audited and assessed by the London-based Loss Prevention Certification Board.


BRE-LPCB Approved to loss prevention standard 1175

Physical security barriers are a vital component in protecting the occupants of any building, be it residential or commercial. These barriers must be able to withstand and deter potential threats effectively. The only way to ensure that security barriers are dependable is through independent testing and certification.

Independent certification bodies, such as the BRE Global Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), play a crucial role in setting standards for security products. The LPCB is a third-party certification body that rigorously tests security products to ensure they work effectively and deliver on their promises.

The certification process involves testing the security products to the limits, including against various types of attack, such as manual attacks, tool attacks, and blast attacks. Only those products that pass the rigorous tests are awarded a Certificate of Product Approval. These approved products are then listed in the Redbook of approved product suppliers, which is used by specifiers worldwide.

Trellidor, a leading manufacturer of physical security barriers, has several designs that have achieved certification from the LPCB. These products have been designed and tested to meet the needs of high-security risk locations, such as transport hubs, embassy staff homes, kiosks, retail chain stores, and shopping centres.


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