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Trellidor Plantation Security Shutters

Trellidor aluminium security shutters combine internal strength and an elegant, framed louvre panel design. They are functional, durable, easy to clean and suitable for corrosive or damp environments. The high strength model is usually specified for retail and commercial locations, while the attractively priced standard shutter is ideal for residential use.
Trellidor Difference

Reasons To Choose

Trellidor UK For Your Plantation Shutters

Each plantation shutter is custom-made for a perfect fit in the opening.
Strength & stability
Every plantation shutter is fully framed for stability, strength, and a neat fit.
Strong Trellidor lock
Fitted with a strong Trellidor lock which is lockable from both side of the shutter.
Internal Strengthening
Internal strengthening mechanisms add a dependable security element.
Streamlined appearance
No external components to spoil the sleek, streamlined appearance of the shutters.
Powder coated
Powder coated to customer specified colour choices.
Various fitting options
Can be fitted to doors, windows, patios and as room dividers.
Low maintenance
Low maintenance and easy to clean.
Shutter Range

Plantation Security Shutter Range

Certified Plantation Shutter

This is an extremely strong, fully framed louvre security shutter and the only one of its type to achieve BRE Level 1 certification, tested to LPS1175.

The louvres have internal reinforcing and a Trellidor lock, accessible from both sides. Locked shutters offer robust protection even with louvres tilted open for air flow and light penetration. Strengthening features include lock-plates and a high gauge material. The shutters are streamlined, with no external clutter such as rods or levers.

Standard Plantation Shutter

The Trellidor Standard Plantation Shutter is a high quality, streamlined aluminium louvre shutter at an attractive price point.

It has in-built strengthening features such as a dependable Trellidor locking system that can be locked or unlocked from both sides of the shutter. Hand tilted louvres control privacy, light penetration, and air flow. Colour coded hardware, uniform frames across configurations and a variety of bottom tracks make this a versatile window and door solution.

Trellidor Quality

Manufacturing Quality Standards

Trellicor (Pty) Ltd is ISO (International Standards Organisation) compliant. Trellidor is ISO 9001:2015 certified in terms of QMS requirements, audited and assessed by the London-based Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Regulation O

Building Regulation O – Compliance

Trellidor’s Plantation Security Shutters are the ideal solution to complying with the new requirement O1 of the Building Regulation O which has come into effect on June 15th, 2022.

Our Plantation Security Shutters are manufactured from high grade, powder coated aluminium which enables it to be fitted internally or externally. The highly efficient shading device enables compliance with the shading requirements of Regulation 01, while at the same time ensuring excellent ventilation. Not only do they ensure compliance with requirement with building regulation O1 but also requirement O1 (2) (a), in that they ensure the safety and reasonable enjoyment of the building for the occupants by ensuring.

  • Noise pollution is minimised
  • Security is achieved; through the robust construction and advanced locking systems of our shutters. (This is the first Plantation Shutter to achieve BRE Level 1 Certification)
  • Safety – The Plantation Security Shutters complies with the “Protection from Entrapment”  provisions.

The Trellidor Plantation Security Shutter is the ideal solution for compliance with Regulation O!


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Good to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Louvre Shutters fitted either to the outside or inside of windows provide an extra layer of protection that prevents intruders from getting into your home. They can be closed and locked, no matter what the configuration. They are operated in different ways depending on the manufacturer’s design. Louvre shutter designs vary from hand tilted louvres to controlling them with a tilt bar or rod. Rolling shutters are automated and remote controlled or manually operated using a crank shaft.
Trellidor’s Louvre Shutter are custom made aluminium louvre shutters for both doors and windows. Each louvre is reinforced with an internal threaded steel rod for added strength and security, and provide protection even when the louvres are in the open position.

Tip #1 – Use natural cleaning agents if your shutters are powder coated
Tip #2 – Clean regularly
Tip #3 – Check the brackets and hinges & keep lubricated
Tip #4 –Sliding panels should be handled carefully

Louvre Shutters are usually divided into narrow units hinged accordion-style so two or more units cover each side of a window opening when closed. Operable louvred shutters have louvres or slats, controlled by a tilt bar or rod to adjust the louvre position that opens and closes them.
Louvre Shutters are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system that can be locked from both sides of the shutter. This means that they can be locked and unlocked from inside or outside the home.