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Trellidor Retractable Access Barrier

Trellidor Access Guard is a mobile, expandable, trellis-style barrier that requires no fixed installation. It can be moved quickly and easily from one location to another. Because it is expandable it can be adjusted to perfectly fit apertures of varying sizes. For larger spaces, several Access Guard units can be attached and locked to create a secure barrier of extended length.
Trellidor Difference

Reasons To Choose

Trellidor UK For Your Access Guard
Mobile Flexi-Barrier

Adjustable to the required width.
Easy to move
Easy to move to wherever it is needed.
Suitable for large openings
Units link and lock together for large openings.
Suitable for uneven surfaces
Can be used on uneven surfaces.
Made from high quality material, so durable and robust.
Compact units
Retracted units are compact, easy to pack and require minimal storage space.
Custom colours
Standard units are white or black. Custom colours made to order.
Custom sizes
Standard units are 1m, 2m or 3m sizes. Custom sizes made to order.

Where to use

Popular Applications

Trellidor Access Guard is designed to control unauthorized access to a wide variety of areas. They are often used to secure applications such as:
Factories where roller shutter areas are open and exposed entrances need to be closed off and secured.
Food and liquor outlets where access to aisles must be managed to comply with trading regulations.
Shopping Centres where public access to certain areas is controlled to comply with Health and Safety regulations.
Controlling movement and access in facilities used by the public such as airports, hospitals, showrooms, museums, and exhibitions.
Construction sites, where areas must be closed off to the public, materials stores need to protected, and dangerous areas cordoned off.

Trellidor Access Guard Specifications

Galvanized Steel
Manufactured from high grade galvanized mild steel.
Powder Coated
Powder coated to a lustrous, high-quality finish.
Custom Colours
Standard colours are white or black. Custom colours available.
Strength Tested
Extra strong, strength tested Trellidor uprights.
Aluminium Lock Styles
Lock styles and jambs manufactured from aluminium.
Easy Gliding
Steel bases fitted with 75mm rubber wheels for easy gliding and movement.
Unlimited Lengths
Barriers are attached, locked, and extended to unlimited lengths.
Custom lengths
Standard sizes included 1m, 2m or 3m lengths. Custom lengths available on order.
Max. Width & Height
Maximum width per unit 3.5m and maximum height 1.57m.

Trellidor Quality

Manufacturing Quality Standards

Trellicor (Pty) Ltd is ISO (International Standards Organisation) compliant. Trellidor is ISO 9001:2015 certified in terms of QMS requirements, audited and assessed by the London-based Loss Prevention Certification Board.