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Are you tired of constantly worrying about the safety and security of your business premises? Do you want to protect your assets and prevent break-ins? Look no further than Trellidor roller shutter doors.

Our roller doors are designed to be robust and effective in locking down your premises and deterring potential criminals from attempting to steal from your business. Our experience with national retail partners has shown that once our Lockdown industrial Roller Shutter doors are installed, criminal interest rapidly diminishes, and the objective of loss prevention is achieved.

Trellidor Difference

Reasons To Choose

Trellidor UK For Your Roller Shutter Doors

Customised to fit kiosks, cigarette gantries, retail entrance doors, jewellery stores, pharmacies, drug storage facilities, hospitals, homes of high net-worth individuals.
Strength & stability
Virtually impossible to lift once rolled down into position.
Manual control
Can be operated using a manual override crank during a power outage.
Internal Strengthening
These are security Roller Shutters designed with in-built strength to lock down securely.
Battery back-up
Battery back-up is offered as an optional extra in case of power loss.
Powder coated
Powder coated to customer specified colour choices.
Automated control
The Roller Shutter is automated and remote controlled.
Attractive and refine in appearance, these Roller Shutters are suitable for retail, commercial and industrial settings.
Roller Shutter

Roller Shutter Range

Trellidor Rollerstyle LDS65

The Trellidor Lock Down Shutter (LDS) RH65 has distinctive security design features that ensure it is the most secure industrial Roller Shutter door available. It can also be installed as a domestic Roller Shutter door, internal or external.

This is a specialised security solution designed to counteract criminal attacks on buildings housing high value merchandise. They are double walled, architectural grade aluminium Roller Shutters with numerous built-in anti-lift and anti-tampering features.

These Roller Shutter doors have been highly effective in preventing theft from tobacco and electronic cigarette kiosks, retail outlets in shopping centres and street-front stores, jewellery stores, pharmacies, drug storage facilities, and hospitals. They can be used to partition and secure office spaces and departments within a large store.

LDS RH65 Features

Security features of the

LDS65 Roller Shutter

Anti-Lift Actuator

The self-locking lath uses an anti-lift actuator which is activated when a vertical force is applied upward from the base of the curtain. 

The laths and actuators are designed to compress and lock the curtain into the guide making it virtually impossible to open. The greater the force applied the stronger the locking mechanism and the more resistant the shutter to lifting. Once released, the laths and actuators fall back into place.

Grind-Resistant Assembly

The cut-resistant assembly dramatically reduces the incidence of thieves breaching the Trellidor LDS by using a power-angle grinder.

This has been a common weapon used in more recent attacks on tobacco kiosks.

End Retention Device

The sidetrack is a common point of attack in an attempt to break through a shutter. The end retention innovation in the Trellidor LDS Roller Shutter.

 It is designed to restrict the separation of the curtain from the side channels and the removal of laths when cut with an angle grinder. This prevents side entry through the door. Spring-loaded, cut-resistant rods significantly improve the strength of the Roller Shutter door.

Floor Channel

A floor U-channel is incorporated into the Trellidor LDS RH65 Roller Shutter design for applications such as kiosk installations. It further protects against tampering and allows the bottom lath to sit securely within the channel when the curtain is in the closed position. A U-channel is not suitable for entrance or exit points where it would be a tripping hazard.

Trellidor Quality

Manufacturing Quality Standards

Trellicor (Pty) Ltd is ISO (International Standards Organisation) compliant. Trellidor is ISO 9001:2015 certified in terms of QMS requirements, audited and assessed by the London-based Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Our Service

We restore peace of mind

The Trellidor team goal is to create peace of mind for our customers and prevent costly downtime. When a store has had its security compromised through a break-in, we:

  • Respond rapidly to reinstate security, usually within 48 hours.
  • Perform this work at night, if necessary, to prevent disruption to trading activities.
  • Ensure that the store is protected to the highest standard.
  • Minimise the effect of the burglary on operations and people.

This proactive approach led to Trellidor UK’s nomination by a major UK retailer as ‘Vendor of the Year’ at  the Retail Risk Annual Fraud Awards 2021.


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